The Magic Salt

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This is a very potent Salt.

The mix of Moon salt, Blue salt, Sea salt, Holi site powder, Chalice well water from Glastonbury, herbs, and Frankincense resin. Salt was spun and stirred and mixed with a magic paper and words of power.

Just 3 pinches of this Magick Salt can be added to your sacred bath water for use during spell work or ceremony. Even you can anoint your candle or simply sprinkle a little bit of salt on top of your already lit candle in the evening or per day, to clear your room from all negativity and bring you a nice love calm energy. Can be added to waters or sprays, used in mojo and charm bags, or like a room enhancer.

In spell work, you can use this salt as a wish salt. Simply told aloud her job when you will take a part of it to the hand. Magic salt is already activated to work with her owner. 

Great use for any season.




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