Chakra balance oil

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Chakra oil 

Very powerful & magickally amazing scent. This crystal & herbs energy oil has been handmade with full love and intention. Chakra oil aligning and balancing all of your Chakras with one little sniff.

This oil is great for protection & astral travel.

For this oil, I use 7 essential oils that work hand in hand with an order of all Chakras. Turquoise gemstone & herbs and all oils together they create one amazing powerful blend.

Chakra Balance will leave you feeling refreshed and at peace.

You can apply to pulse points.

Chakra oil is charged with Reiki energy & moon energy and stones energy. 

- 10ml roller bottle 




FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, KEEP OUT OF YOUR LITTLE PEOPLE'S REACH, KEEP OUT OF YOUR EYES. ALWAYS DO A TEST PATCH ON SKIN BEFORE USE. AV-witch shop is NOT responsible for misuse or adverse reactions of Essential oil blends. 



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