Tents for girls

Pink tent

This is a celebration of femininity. Celebration of who we are. We all are girls who are becoming or became women and we all should be proud of it. 

This is old way path for young girls, that allows you to connect the old way path with the modern world. Pink tent is a first step to a sisterhood - womanhood - it is about connecting girls and provide a sacred place for sharing stories, building their inner power as well as spirituality. Provide a place where their strength comes from supporting and empowering each other.

The pink tent girls will first join 5 weeks course to learn all the basics of spiritual work such as meditation, tarot work, how to listen to themselves, about the importance of sisterhood, how to celebrate and be proud of themselves and much more.

After the course the girls will be able to join a monthly full moon pink tent gathering. 

Our first Pink tent will start on 1st of February 2020. This course is in Ireland in a beautiful country side very close to Mullaghmore village, country Sligo. You are very welcome to book a place for your daughter or get more information just send me an email and I will happily tell you more.