My story

I was born in beautiful eastern European country Slovakia in the 80’s. I grew up in the rural part and I was always connected to nature and I already felt strong connection to the moon. I started working with natural energy, growing herbs, learning about stones and making homemade remedies for myself. In 2005 I decided to move to Ireland where my spiritual levels increased and deepen and where I started to explore new ways of working with energies. At this stage of my life, I got blessed with a beautiful family which made me complete as a woman and now I can study other ways of fulfilment on spiritual and energetic levels. I am always improving my knowledge and I am very happy to share my gained wisdom with all women.


In 2016 I become a Reiki Master and I also completed my training specialising in Crystal Reiki. I am now a fully qualified Reiki practitioner. Completion of my Reiki training guided me towards my path as a priestess.

Priestess of the Goddess

I started to study to become a priestess in 2017 and I am now an official priestess of Goddess. This training allowed me to find new purpose, by which I discovered my new path in life. I was chosen by the goddess Auset-Isis to understand myself and help all women to find their own paths through an empowerment.

Womens' Circles

Every month on the full moon I hold gathering of women for sharing stories, enhancement of women power, chanting, singing, drumming, dancing, cleansing, nourishment of our souls, meditating and most importantly for building empowerment in our womanhood. Each month, the circle is dedicated to a different topic according to lunar calendar, for example to pagan holidays, moon and earth energy, our personal moon time and on  holding our own power and energy. All women present in the circle feel a sense of togetherness and revival of their spirituality.


I also developed a range of home-made remedies, such as oils and creams. They are all prepared from homegrown herbs and organic oils and 100% natural and vegan. My oils are made using a combination of energy derived from gemstones full moon and reiki, which is then transferred to the body through the skin. My cream is a combination of butters, oils, herbs moon and reiki energy and is proven to be successful for the treatment of different skin conditions, stress relief and could be also used in meditation or massage.

Additionally, I can customize a personal oil for women according to name, date of birth, time of birth, scent preference and a little bit of personal knowledge. All products are 100% natural, organic and vegan-friendly.

I welcome all women who are looking to find their path to self-empowerment to contact me for further information.

Much Love

Adriana )O(