Beltane - Fire festival celebrate 1st of May

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Beltane is a fire festival and the celebration of the love and fertility of life. And is a ritual celebration marked for May 1st in honor of the renewal of the radiant light, the victory of the day. This is a time to be outside, to celebrate nature, to sing and dance. Light a fire in your firepit or bonfire or light your candle to celebrate this Earth holiday.

On Beltane was traditionally burnt oak branches and jump over them, which granted protection against sickness until the following year. Carefully, if you wanna follows this tradition, my granny, she burns her legs because she accidentally jumped into the fire. She couldn't jump high enough to jump over the fire.

Using fire on Beltane had a deep meaning of cleansing and cleaning, and we celebrating returning sun and light into our lives. 

My Beltane celebration will be with my family and we will celebrate life - my son's birthday is on this day. Bonfire on our garden is the plan... to welcoming Sun and Warm Life Force into our lives and our home. Our tradition is also to throw into the fire flames magick wishes written on pre-prepared paper. The wish that burns in 1st.of May fire.... it will become real :) .... Beltane fire is transformed fire ...all transformation magic is welcome in this day too.

With my Full Moon Circle Women's, we are creating on the last full moon very potent "MAGIC SALT" which we will use in this Beltane for our wishes to become true.

I wishing you a magical Beltane celebration.

Priestess of Goddess Isis

Blue spiral witch

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